Why Is The Acrylic Display So Popular?

- Apr 02, 2018 -

Why is the acrylic display so popular?

There are more and more applications of acrylic display racks in the store, which have gradually surpassed the metal display racks, why brands have more choices for the display racks of acrylic materials, the acrylic display racks have reasons for them to choose, and they have 20 years of acrylic display stands. Pioneer Dragon, who has customized production experience, said today why the acrylic display stand is so popular?

First, the display frame of acrylic display is excellent in light transmittance, and it can perfectly display the complete picture of the product so that the customer can understand the basic information of the product at a glance and save a lot of trouble. Under light, soft light makes the product look more upscale and attractive, attracting customers' attention to increase publicity.

Second, the density of organic glass is 1.18kg/dm. The same size material has half the weight of ordinary glass, so Acrylic's production of acrylic display frame is lighter and more convenient than that of glass display stand or wooden display stand. Convenient and simple, it also saves shipping logistics costs.

Third, the appearance of plexiglass display racks can be printed in color and fonts, is an excellent advertising carrier. For a variety of stores, shopping malls, exhibitions and other large-scale promotional activities.

Fourth, according to the requirements of customers and supporting material selection of different color plates, with other materials (metal, wood, plastic, etc.) composed of mixed structure display rack. The shape can be designed freely and creatively, and the publicity effect is better.

5. The strength of the acrylic display stand is ten times larger than that of the glass. Acrylic materials from 3mm to 5mm can already bear the weight of the products commonly used in acrylic displays, such as shoes, mobile phones, watches, and jewelry.

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