Which Type Of Order Cannot Be Connected To A Production Company?

- Mar 23, 2018 -

Which type of order cannot be connected to a production company?

    In the relationship between supply and demand, customers must have this experience when looking for a business: they constantly look for suppliers, continue to compare prices, and when they hear a company with a lower price, they immediately change suppliers and think that the price is a trump card. Only by winning the low price can we gain control. But is the truth really like this?

    With fierce competition in today's market, most businesses are also in a flustered mood when it comes to customers' repeated rates. Upon hearing the inquiry customer feedback that home is lower than their own prices, they began to slash prices to meet the low-price psychology pursued by customers. Finally, they took orders at a very low price, and then they thought that they would start with this single stable customer. , and then from the subsequent cooperation to return to this; or in order to reduce costs, companies may be in products, materials, processes and other aspects to do tricks, cut corners, and finally the company, the customer and the entire industry, the word of mouth can imagine Now.


    Pioneer Dragon, a 19-year-old acrylic processing manufacturer and a small-business startup, aims to provide solutions for customers. At the same time, the number of orders is also what we seek, but as a production company, we need to be profitable to maintain the normal operation of the entire enterprise team. In the end, we can achieve a win-win result with our customers. Therefore, we will also be able to distinguish between acrylic processing and production orders.


One, large orders, less deposit

    For large orders, the materials, manpower, cost, and other resources that the company pays are all enormous. If the customer pays too few deposits, it may cause the customer to make more changes due to the changes in the requirements of the market due to the long production cycle. Both the payback period and the payback period exceed the estimated value, which may result in the sudden death of a company due to a large order. This is not worth the business.


Second, the price of black iron requires the quality of gold

    The customer pays for the money and the company handles the business. This is the basic transaction process. However, there are no shortages of Party A who have made excessive estimates of what they have given. They will usually require companies to produce the highest quality products at very low prices, and many companies will be forced to accept them. But in the end it may be that the quality is not up to the requirements of Party A and they are required to pay compensation. The final payment is often The company itself.


Third, the delivery of unclear business

    There are also many such phenomena in the business field: Because the quality of products is not clear and the delivery date is not clear, companies do not know how to make production appear to be passive and disrupt the production rhythm of the company, resulting in a variety of unexpected situations. In general, when Pioneer Dragon enters into an order contract with a customer, it will clearly define the style requirements, product quality requirements, and production delivery dates. All customer orders will be planned and placed in an orderly manner, so that both the customer and the company itself are It is more efficient.


Fourth, the delivery of urgent business

    There may be an urgent request for delivery. This may be because the customer has done it elsewhere. However, because of the number of products or other plan delays, they may find places to do their job. Usually this kind of situation is whether the customer or the enterprise is like gambling. If the enterprise production can keep up, the customer will settle the money in time. Conversely, the customer may cancel the order due to a slight problem with the product or other reasons, which is not conducive to the enterprise. Long-term cooperation with customers.


5. There are many middlemen in the middle

    Often, because there are too many middlemen, the control of product quality can not be very precise. For the requirements of the end customer, if the intermediary can not convey clearly, it may be due to a mistake, an end customer does not recognize, indirectly, each intermediary If you do not endure it, the enterprise will ultimately bear it. Then the company can only handle it at a loss or produce a batch of goods in vain. Of course, as a direct manufacturer of customized products, various middlemen or product agents will find us in cooperation with us. To avoid this situation, we usually have close links with middlemen and final customers. , Our designers and technicians will also communicate with customers or communicate in person.

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