What Are The Characteristics Of Acrylic Toilet?

- Mar 29, 2018 -

What are the characteristics of acrylic toilet?

What are the characteristics of the innovative and innovative acrylic toilet?

First, flushing: Acrylic toilets are using the current more advanced flushing method - "siphon", characterized by rapid water, but also energy.

Second, the liner: Acrylic toilet uses a very strong hardness of the pique material, the surface scratch-resistant. The use of nano-materials in the sub-crystal liner, in addition to the hardness, the gloss is also very high, but also with automatic cleaning function.

Third, the seat ring and the cover plate: the seat ring and the cover plate both use the same acrylic material as the seat body, and the service life of the two years will not be a problem. Many toilet covers on the market today are made of plastic, and they will be damaged if they are used for a long time. Quoted acrylic surface will not absorb water, so the toilet seat and cover plate is very easy to clean, usually just use the cloth gently wipe it can be very clean. The surface will not absorb water, prevent bacteria, very hygienic.

4. In terms of water tanks: Water tanks are made of imported acrylic materials. No matter how bad the water quality is, there will not be scaling after a long time. Just use a cloth to gently clean it. The ceramic water tanks sold in the market generally have no glazing inside, and the good ones are just sprayed with a layer of glaze, which has limited effect. Over time, it is easy to foul, it is difficult to clean, and it is easy to stink after a long time.

5. In respect of water parts: The use of world-famous branded water parts will protect the water parts for five years.

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