Is The Food Storage Box Made Of Acrylic Toxic?

- Mar 29, 2018 -

Is the food storage box made of acrylic toxic?

Acrylic products are not toxic? With the improvement of people’s awareness of food safety, both the food itself and the utensils that hold the food are required to be non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Acrylic processing acrylic products are widely used, it has the characteristics of easy processing, easy molding, it is often used to produce acrylic boxes, fruit trays, packaging boxes and other appliances, involving food safety, may have a question in mind: Acrylic products no Is poisonous and environmentally friendly?

 Acrylic processing of products is environmentally friendly, can be used to make food equipment, many high-end supplement packaging box, supermarket bulk food box, KTV fruit plate is also made of acrylic, visible acrylic under normal circumstances is safe and environmentally friendly.

 It should be noted that acrylic appliances cannot be heated, and they will react at a high temperature of 85 degrees Celsius. They will produce poisonous gases and will melt at temperatures above 130 degrees Celsius. There is also a return acrylic material for the production of recycled acrylic scraps. This recycled acrylic material is not environmentally friendly and cannot be used in food equipment. It can only be used for industrial and commercial purposes. The yellow color of the recycled acrylic material is well recognized.

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