Acrylic Tissue Box For Hotel Supplies

- Nov 09, 2017 -

Towel boxes are one of our most popular daily necessities. There are many places for them, such as living room, car, hotel, public place, etc.. The paper towel box is usually a box body, and the top surface is provided with a paper taking mouth and a cover for covering the paper opening. Transparent acrylic material, with a glittering and translucent texture, but also the amount of change in its towel is very convenient to observe. It is worth emphasizing that the panel is designed separately, and the paper towel is easy to be pulled out when the paper towel is taken down naturally.

In addition to enhancing the practical function of traditional tissue boxes, we are more integrated with the cultural taste of the product texture and aesthetic pursuit in the new era. With the improvement of people's living standard, acrylic tissue box has a unique shape, translucent material, appearance and attractive, so more and more hotel love is as Home Furnishing supplies can be a good decorative Home Furnishing life.

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