Acrylic Display Stand Can Be Used For The Display Of What Products

- Nov 09, 2017 -

Acrylic products are used in all walks of life, even in daily life is also everywhere. Walk in the street to see the advertising light boxes, acrylic word, store display snack food, daily necessities, display shelves, or electronic consumer goods monopoly area, or skin care products store and so on, we can see the organic glass acrylic figure, so the acrylic display is the most popular.

What products can the acrylic display stand be used for display? Whether electronic or daily consumer goods, general merchandise, and frame are used to show the characteristics of acrylic display rack products, as well as the brand business publicity. The following is a summary of the acrylic display shelf applied to some fields, as follows:

An electronic (IT): mobile phone display rack, display rack, USB MP3/MP4 display, VCD display, digital camera, notebook computer rack display rack, display rack, remote camera ornaments frame, battery box, image display cabinets, cabinets and other monopoly

Two, decoration categories: plexiglass ornaments, acrylic property signs, acrylic billboards, image cards, acrylic tissue boxes

Three, tobacco liquor: acrylic frame, smoke cigarette, wine, wine, wine plate, triangular Taiwan card, alcohol and tobacco monopoly cabinet etc.

Four, Showcase: acrylic, acrylic, acrylic material rack rack, acrylic display rack, watch glasses frame, acrylic, stationery, name card holder, desk calendar seat.

Five, women's products: acrylic cosmetic display, jewelry boxes, jewelry props, acrylic jewelry display, image brand showcase, mainly used in major shopping malls jewelry store jewelry, gold and silver ornaments, skincare product display, transparent luster, compressive ability, beautiful appearance. And solid and durable, new shape, light and strong.

Six, quality: acrylic, acrylic, acrylic aquarium is a box, paperweights, exhibition box, acrylic distribution license

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