Acrylic And Glass Fish Tank Which Is Better?

- Mar 29, 2018 -

Acrylic and glass fish tank Which is better?

Acrylic transparency is better, higher degree of sturdiness

Weight: light

Surface vulnerability: General

Surface repair: easy

high cost

Scope of application: all kinds of large, super large and special-shaped fish tank

Acrylic fish tanks have strong impact resistance and are sixteen times that of ordinary glass.

Acrylic fish tanks are hot, cold, and shock resistant all year round with ordinary glass fish tanks throughout the year.

Acrylic is light weight, half the weight of ordinary glass, and the load on buildings and scaffolds is small.

Good glass transparency


Weight: heavy

Surface vulnerability: not easy to scratch

Surface repair: difficult

low cost

Scope of application: small and medium-sized fish tanks.

Glass fish tank is fragile

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