home coffee station

- Jun 20, 2018 -

I love this product. Instead of adding disposable cups since I use this at home, I put 2 Torani syrup bottles in place of the cups and lids. I keep ceramic cups on a mug tree nearby. I may cut back to 1 syrup bottle when one is empty and switch out to disposable cups for trips in the car at a later time, but this works for now. This makes my home "coffee station" perfect. My favorite hangout.

I had very high hopes for this in my home next to my coffee pot and, while it's OK and I'm keeping it, I have a few issues with it. The 16 oz. Chinet Comfort cups I love barely fit and the lids only fit sideways. But I like it so much I'm willing to try comparable cups once these run out. I wish it held more sweetener packets or had a place for a sugar canister. I don't really need the utensil and napkin part but I'm using it for the coffee scoop and hot chocolate packets. A honey bear also fits in the napkin part, FYI. Some of my smaller vitamin bottles could fit in it and I may start keeping my 7-day pill case in the other utensil cup. Overall, it keeps the creamers, stirrers, etc. MUCH neater than before and in a nice smallish footprint.

 purchased 2 units. I read that these would house 16oz dart cups, but they do not fit. However, I was able to set up a nice station with the 12oz cups inside one unit and the 16oz just to the side. I filled the second unit with the plastic water cooler cups and they held everything else that was in the break area. It really cleaned up the mess!

 absolutely love having this organizer for all my K Cups gives it a sleek look, instead of having boxes every where! I have a Keurig 2.0 and it fits prefect on top. It's also sturdy enough that it doesn't dip in and make the drawers hard to open. Great quality, highly recommend.

Absolutely love this product! It holds everything I need. Its not bulky, so you can have it on top of your counter, island, at your desk, wherever. And it truly holds a lot. I had a lot of my patients ask me where I purchased it, AMAZON of course!

This product is wonderful! I run a proprietary from home, and I don't know if this could of helped set the work flow mood any better, honestly. It's built well, doesn't feel cheap, and looks great beside the coffee maker. Needless to say, I am definitely happy with my purchase, and I personally think, you would be doing yourself a great service by owning one. Seriously! Even if just for the sheer simplicity that comes with this, when you first wake up, and start your day.

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